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Germany festival's

Some very nice festivals here!

Your text to link here...Germany also has some wonderful festivals all year round. You will find your better festival in the Fall months though. There's nothing like going to a german festival and having a nice tall Wiesin Beer(That's rice beer for the people that don't know).

Germany has great out-door festivals. The air is crisp and clean and the mood is a festive one for everyone to enjoy. The Germans love to drink and have fun. So with that said let's move on to their festive festivals.

When you go to this festival make sure that you have your mud boots on. This festival here is a great music festival to attend, but if it starts to rain, make sure you're well equipped. The ground will turn into a muddy mess and you will be in for a great mud fest.

But I guess that's part of the show. Click here http://www.moers-festival.com

This is a wonderful Jazz festival also very clean and organized. For a great experience of jazz music, you will love this festival. Go here to see... http://www.leverkusener-jazztage.de

This here is another fine Jazz festival to attend. Just remember to bring plenty of joy with you when you attend. Click here http://www.jazz-ost-west.de

Now let me remind you that I'm only telling you about the festivals that I have attended so that you can have a better understanding of each festival.

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Northsea Jazz Festival

Something to remember!


Here you will find the biggest and one of the best Jazz Festivals in Europe.

It's called The Northsea Jazz Festival. One of Europe's most important Jazz festivals. I have never seen a festival so well organized in my life. I have worked with a lot of festivals, but this one here is the best. They have about 135 musical groups over a 3 to 4-day span.

This festival is a welled oil machine if I have ever seen one before. I have attended this festival about 6 times in my life and ever time it's the same as before far as organization is a concern. The Northsea Jazz festival organizers know their stuff.

So if you ever attend this festival, get ready to enjoy yourself. Now don't be surprised if you're at a concert and you see about half the people from the concert leave. It's only people going to another concert that's all. There are so many concerts to choose from, that people will leave one concert in order to catch another performance.

The concerts are held in this very large office building. There are concerts in every nook and cranny of this building, even on top of the building(The Roof) where they have a tent on top that they also use to give concerts. It's the Potpourri of jazz here. You will find everyone that plays jazz and some that don't go to this festival.

If you are interested in going to this festival, here is the link:


It's in the City called the Hague (Den Haag). The festival starts on July the 8th.9th& the 10th. So don't miss out on this festival. At this time I don't know the line-up but take my word, it is always a great line-up.

I was trying to remember the name of the restaurant for you that we ate at. It was a great Chinese restaurant. I have never in my life had an oyster so big and good before, and the duck was something to die for.. I do remember it was close to Hotel Europe, which is not to far from the Festival site. I would also like to say that we (The group that I was working with at the time) made this restaurant popular. We would always brag about how good the seafood was there. Now it is one of the main attractions for eating out, and to think I didn't get a dime for that advertisement.(Go figure)

The most popular hotel for the festival is The Hotel Belair. This is the hotel where most of the musicians stay.( If only those walls could talk). I've heard stories coming from this Hotel that would make your teeth grit. (and put a smile on your face). So make your reservation fast for this hotel, the hotel may be already booked!

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Feeling safe!


The Pori Jazz festival is one of those festivals you could fall in love with. It has a charm all by itself, with over 130,000 people attending this festival you will feel the inspiration. The last time I attended this festival James Brown was there along with the group Zap Mama. You feel safe and you will have to enjoy yourself here, that's one of the things I like about jazz festivals and that is you Feel Safe!

To me, that was worth more than anything today. Feeling safe in a crazy world. When I say this I think I'm speaking for just about everyone who travels. After doing the airport and taxi dance, you want to go somewhere safe and this is the place. I like to call this (the comfort zone).

So, sit back and enjoy some great music and have a drink on me. You'll be glad you did!

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Lugano Switzerland

What time is it?


The beautiful place called Switzerland. If you ever get a chance to go there, please do me a favor and take the train. This place will take your breath away. With it's snowcap mountains ( The Alp's) it's one view that I think everyone should view at least one time in their life. Switzerland is truly a beautiful place.

They have two major Jazz festivals. One is called the Estiva Festival http://www.estivaljazz.ch which is haled in Logano, Switzerland which is on the border of Italy. We refer to it as (Switaly). They hold the festival in the Piazza. There are many shops to get you going in this town. Remember one thing....and that's Switzerland are famous for Watches so don't go over-broad when you see all that Switzerland has to offer. It's a great place to shop. Not only that it is next to Lake Como which is a beauty by itself.

If you are ever thinking about visiting Switzerland I hope that you go to Lugano it's only 90 km from Milan Malpensa airport

Now let's not forget about the Montreux Jazz festival. This is one of the most important festivals in Europe too. The Montreux Jazz festival has a long history with jazz also. Please visit their website at http://www.montreuxjazz.com and see for yourself. The festival starts on July 1st and ends on the 16th of July. The line-up is always excellent!

This is a great festival also. It's the Willisau Jazz fest which takes place in the town of Mohren Willisau, Lucerne Valley. I can remember when this festival first started I was about 18 years old (WOW) That was about %$#* Years ago. Well anyway, The festival started out in a Barn house I can remember playing under the stage before the concert would start. When I think about it, it was the first festival for Willisau.(I must be getting old)

This Festival has come a long way from where it was and has made a name for itself as one of the better festivals in Switzerland. The festival has a small-town charm that makes it one of the better festivals. If you like how this sounds then by all means click on the link to see more. http://www.jazzwillisau.ch

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Let the music move you


sunny 33 °C

MALTA JAZZ FESTIVAL takes place on the third weekend in July every year.

They are known as one of the most exciting venues on the jazz circuit. Staged below the bastions of the Islands' capital, the 16th-century city of Valletta, and by the waters of Grand Harbor, Malta Jazz certainly has a SPECTACULAR LOCATION


The Umbria jazz festivals are one of Italy's most important jazz festivals. It's set in the medieval, town of Perugia, Umbria. The setting is wonderful, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. You can walk around the Village and take snapshots of the beautiful shops they have to offer and the great church's they have too.

They also have some of the best Restaurants in the region. At the festival, you'll find some of the best Jazz and Blues musicians on the planet coming to perform at this festival.

They have shuttle buses that will take you to and from the concert area. The concerts are all over the Village so you may have to walk to some of the concerts They have hotels in town and outside of town which isn't so far, so it makes your commute very easy. You will be able to find all of your needs on their website.

Here is the link. http://www.umbriajazz.com

If you like Italy you will love the Southern Adriatic side of Italy(Roccella, Ionica). They have a festival that is absolutely splendid. You can soak up as much sun like a beach bum here. Here you will find the Rocella Jazz festival. http://www.roccellajazz.net/ With this festival you will find some of Italy's best jazz performers. This festival is truly a delight to attend, not only that you will also enjoy the nightlife here even if you don't speak the language. After all, it is Italy and you will have fun. I would like to give you a Hotel suggestion these Hotels are always beautiful no matter where you go. They are the perfect Vacation Hotel's, especially if you and someone special are attending. Just take a look at this website and tell me if you like what you see. Click the link http://www.miramarehotel.biz

The Fano Jazz festival http://www.fanojazzclub.org

Here is a great place to go and have some fun in the sun. It's called Fano Jazz by the sea festival. The City which is also called Fano(Provance of Pesaro, Adriatic sea) is one of those cities that will take your breath away. With its seaside Hotels and its small-town feel, you will love this place. If and when you do decide to take your next vacation, do me a favor and go to this city.

There is a restaurant called La Quinta that only serves fish. Let me tell you something, you will go bananas for this restaurant. The scene is one straight out of an Italian movie, there is the owner which is about 80ish that takes your receipt after your lunch. It may take her a few minutes to get your money right, but you can believe me that it will be right, But it's all part of the scene and I wouldn't change a thing. Anyway, when you go to the restaurant make sure that you get there early enough because the place fills up fast for lunch. (between Noon and 12:30 PM is good)

As a matter of fact, the restaurant is right by the port, that's right the fish comes from the fishing boat's right to your plate. It can't get any fresher than that. The fish is still moving when she puts it on your plate, Now that's fresh. But there are many restaurants there to choose from and I mean plenty. They also have Chinese restaurants if you can't deal with the fish or pasta, they also have great Hotels as well. Most of the hotels are on the Lido which stands for seaside or beachfront. Where I stayed was about a block from the sea and it was called Hotel Europa! and Hotel Elizabeth ll which is right on the beach Very beautiful Hotels. I think I lived more in the lobby than in my room. I have also stayed at various Hotels throughout the City. To me, they are all beautiful especially when they're by the sea!

This City is also a great place to shop, you can really get your shop on here. They have an early morning market to die for. You must go early to get the bargains if you know what I mean. The market has this great antique section that has old record player's from the '30s and 40's you know the ones with the megaphone on it that you can't find anymore. It's just a potpourri of nostalgia there. So get your wallet ready for some spending.

If you're not into antiques and prefer high fashion then you are in the right place for high fashion. The City offers you some of the best clothing shops around, and just to get your spirits moving, the City Rimini is only a half hours drive from Fano. If you don't know about Rimini, it's the next best thing after Ibiza ok. You can dance the night away in this City.

Now let's talk about the Sardegna Festival which takes place in November in Cagliari. It's called the European Jazz Expo hosted by Jazz in Sardegna. What a breath of fresh air here. This festival is something special to me, It had all the trimmings of a great festival. They showcased a lot of the Jazz musicians from Sardegna. They had Antonello Salis ( Piano) Paolo Fresu (Trumpet) Elena Ledda. The American act was Charles Lloyd D.D Bridgewater, Randy Weston, Don Moye, and a few more acts.

This festival by far is one of the best up and coming festivals to look out for!

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